YOUR Encouragement Here!

You've got good stuff to share - and we want to hear it.

This is your space - to share your voice as an artist and to reach a community of people hoping to make art for a good cause. Will you join us?

What If I Don't Have Anything to Say?

Listen to me. Being an artist today is nothing easy. You overcame so much to create: share that. There are many others at the critical crossroads, and you once dared to take the road less travelled. Help them. Tell them it's possible. Tell them what you've learned.

What If I've Already Said Something?

Already made a video encouraging young artists? Already wrote a blog post? Already unleashed your thoughts? Perfect! Just link to the original work when you submit. As long as you're fine with us sharing on the CF platform (linked to you, of course) then we're happy to keep sharing your story!

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