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Art Parties are designed to generate discussion, foster community creativity, and encourage hope-filled engagement with the issue of trafficking.

80% of all art sale proceeds go directly to our partner organizations and 20% keeps Create Freedom running.

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We surround the issue of trafficking with hope, joy, and art. To make art is a bold statement: that it's worth it to create something new. To buy art is a bold statement: to declare "this is of value" and add life and color to your spaces. Together, we are creating freedom.

What's an Art Party?

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are in-person gatherings with donated time, materials and talent - where Create Freedom artist-advocates gather to make art, discuss topics surrounding the issue of human trafficking, and generally have a fun, purpose-filled time together.


All CF art is in two sizes, and sold for


any piece under

Priced at $27 and $40.30


To honor the lowest and highest estimates of slaves in the world today:

27 million

40.3 million

Two Base Prices

All CF art is in two sizes, and sold for


any piece under

How it All Works

Watch this video or click here to read the five simple steps

for how it works






Meetup Organizer


Network Leader




Art Buyer

1. The Artist-Advocate

Any person who contributes art to fundraise

The people who like to make art alone, in a group, or maybe who have never tried making art before!

2. The PARTY Organizer

Plans and hosts Create Freedom Art Parties

The wild gatherers who enjoy planning and hosting casual, creative events.

3. the Network Leader

Folks who like to organize, try new ideas, and promote community engagement.

The serious Create Freedom junkies who want to make this idea grow! 

4. the Hype-Raiser

Shares about Create Freedom in creative ways.

The people who love to get the word out there about cool stuff.

5. the Art Buyer

Anyone who wants to spice up their life with some more art (and, honestly, who doesn't?)

The folks who encourage and support the arts, while contributing to the fight against human trafficking.

And a final surprise role:

6. The Unsure Artist

Has no idea they can be an artist

Tries it out for the sake of Create Freedom

Realizes they have a hidden talent!


Nonprofit Status June 2019

Website Launch - May 1st, 2019

Accepting Art Submissions - October 27, 2019

Store Grand Opening - Fall 2019, 2019

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